As the sun sets on the city of Sydney, accounting and bookkeeping professionals from across the globe gathered at the ICC Sydney for the much-anticipated annual event – Xerocon Sydney 2023. Coined the ‘Coachella for accountants’, this year’s conference lived up to its reputation, delivering a power-packed experience that left attendees inspired and equipped with invaluable insights.

From August 23 to 24, Xerocon Sydney transformed the ICC Sydney into a hub of innovation, collaboration, and excitement. AdvanceTrack’s team had the privilege of attending this transformative event once again, and we’re thrilled to share our reflections on the highlights and takeaways.

The event opened with the charismatic presence of Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Xero’s CEO, making her first-ever appearance on the Xerocon stage. In her engaging talk, she emphasised the pivotal role of the advisory community in shaping the future of small business success. With just six months at the helm, Sukhinder’s passion for purpose and partnerships resonated deeply with the audience, setting an optimistic tone for the entire conference.

A major highlight was the introduction of Diya Jolly, Xero’s new Chief Product Officer, who provided insightful glimpses into the latest products and connections that amplify collaboration, efficiency, and value across the platform. This showcase marked a departure from the norm, presenting Xero’s offerings in a reimagined format that captivated both newcomers and returning partners.

The event’s lineup of guest speakers was nothing short of exceptional. Julia Zemiro, the iconic Australian TV personality, charmed the audience as the host, bringing her signature wit and warmth. Lisa MacCallum, former Nike Vice President, took the stage on day one, delivering a talk that melded business acumen with sustainability. Her insights on driving ethical business practices left a lasting impression, emphasising small businesses’ pivotal role in fostering environmental responsibility.

The second day brought a thought-provoking session by Sam Elsom, an environmentalist and entrepreneur who delved into the realm of sustainable practices and ethical manufacturing. Mark Pesce, a distinguished futurist and entrepreneur, rounded off the event with a captivating exploration of AI’s influence on the accounting industry. His decades of experience in the digital revolution space illuminated the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

One of the most anticipated aspects of Xerocon Sydney has always been the legendary wrap party. This year, the ‘Paradiso’ theme transformed Sydney’s ivy bar into a tropical oasis. Attendees donned neon ensembles, embraced inflatable flamingos, and danced the night away to the beats of Sneaky Sound System. The poolside venue and vibrant atmosphere created a night to remember, fostering connections and memories that will last long after the event concludes.

Reflecting on Xerocon Sydney 2023, the sense of community and collaboration was palpable. We at AdvanceTrack found the event to be an invaluable resource for gaining insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. The emphasis on sustainable practices, technological innovation, and the evolving role of finance professionals left us inspired and excited for the future of the industry.

Looking ahead, Xerocon 2024 is already on the horizon, this time happening closer to home in London and promising another immersive experience of learning, networking, and celebration. As we continue our journey to become the leading outsourcing partner for accounting firms in the UK, Australia and worldwide, industry conferences serve as essential touchpoints for staying informed, inspired, and connected with industry leaders and peers.

Xerocon Sydney 2023 surpassed all expectations, standing as a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and visionary thinking. Boasting an extraordinary array of speakers, reimagined showcases, and an indelible wrap party, the event instilled attendees with a rejuvenated purpose and a palpable enthusiasm for what lies ahead. As the curtain falls on this year’s conference, we’re counting down the days until the next Xerocon, sparking anticipation for the multitude of opportunities it holds to elevate the accounting and bookkeeping industry across the ANZ region and beyond.