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The AdvanceTrack® Conference

The AdvanceTrack Conference was hosted on the 11th May at the National Gallery in London and the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The event showcased speakers such as Vipul Sheth, Paul Shrimpling, Aynsley Damery, Anneli Thomson, Olly Cummings, Stuart Miller and more.

Guests got to meet teams from Xero, Capitalise, Clarity, Fathom, Approvalmax, Connect4 and MoneyPenny.

Here’s a sneak peak video from the day.

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Why AdvanceTrack®?

There’s a misconception that outsourcing is simply about handing over your compliance work.

In reality, it’s the first step in defining a new relationship with your clients, with driven by advisory services, all supported by our world-class, custom built project management system.


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