'Humanise The Numbers' podcast

Welcome to the 'Humanise The Numbers' podcast series.

Here you’ll find a whole series of interviews with the leaders of accounting firms who are building (or have already built) a firm of the future now!

You’ll hear key insights, key skills and key habits that underpin the success of these firms. Insights, skills and habits that can underpin your firm’s future success too.

It seems that when an accountancy firm connects their team and their clients to the numbers that really matter to them they transform the results for everyone.

This is accelerated when the humanity of the way they work shines through too. That’s why we’re talking about ambitious accountants humanising the numbers.

New episodes every week or two

Upcoming Podcasts:


5th Feb 2021: Martin Horton from Rivington Accounts

12th Feb 2021: Neil Ballard from Lewis Ballar

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