'Humanise The Numbers' podcast

Welcome to the 'Humanise The Numbers' podcast series.

Here you’ll find a whole series of interviews with the leaders of accounting firms who are building (or have already built) a firm of the future now!

You’ll hear key insights, key skills and key habits that underpin the success of these firms. Insights, skills and habits that can underpin your firm’s future success too.

It seems that when an accountancy firm connects their team and their clients to the numbers that really matter to them they transform the results for everyone.

This is accelerated when the humanity of the way they work shines through too. That’s why we’re talking about ambitious accountants humanising the numbers.

New episodes every week or two

Discover Previous Podcasts

Episode 34: Carl Reader on Niche Marketing for Accountancy Firms

Episode 33: Carl Reader of d&t Chartered Accountants

Episode 32: Jenny Cessini of Davis Grant

Episode 31: Michael Carthy of Carthy Accountants

Episode 30: Glenn Martin of Avery Martin

Episode 29: Marie Pegram of UHY Hacker Young East

Episode 28: Harvee Pene of Inspire CA

Episode 27: Sian Kelly of Inform Accounting

Episode 26: Jason Appel of BKL Accountants

Humanise the Numbers with Emily Inman & Stephen Pell [ACCA Strategy Series 5/5]

Humanise the Numbers with Phool Ashraf & Cheryl Sharp [ACCA Strategy Series 4/5]

Humanise the Numbers with Steph Rickaby & James Lizars [ACCA Strategy Series 3/5]

Humanise the Numbers with Glyn Davison, Phil Murray & Gareth Pinder [ACCA Strategy Series 2/5]

Humanise the Numbers with Paul Shrimpling and Doug Aitken [ACCA Strategy Series 1/5]

Episode 25: Stefan Barrett of Bee Motion

Episode 24: Hugh Stedman of C&H Stedman

Episode 23: Rob Walsh of Clear Vision Consulting

Episode 22: Paul Dunn on Purpose and B1G1

Episode 21: Ron Baker – the timesheet tussle

Episode 20: Suda Ratnam of Raffingers

Episode 19: Alison Blackler of 2minds

Episode 18: Nathan Keeley of Carpenter Box

Episode 17: Zoe Lacey-Cooper

Episode 16: Neil Ballard and Rachel Barry

Episode 15: Wayne Hockley of Anthony Russel

Episode 14: Jo Drinkwater of Grant McKnight

Episode 13: Luke Smith of Purpose – part 2

Episode 12: Luke Smith of Purpose – part 1

Episode 11: Martin Horton of Rivington Accounts

Episode 10: Jonathan Vowles & Coral Tolley-Fletcher of JVCA

Episode 9: David Belbin of Clemence Hoar Cummings Accountants

Episode 8: Rob Boll of Evoke Management

Episode 7: Steve Timmis of Sempar Accountancy & Tax

Episode 6: Brendon Howlett of Wood and Disney

Episode 5: Kathryn Wellum-Kent of Monahans

Episode 4: Sean Farnell of Burgis & Bullock

Episode 3: Mark Telford of Telfords Chartered Accountants

Episode 2: Nigel and Nikki Adams of Ad Valorem

Episode 1: Will Farnell & Peter Jarman

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