Firms that work with AdvanceTrack dominate the Accounting Excellence Awards 2023

The carnival-like atmosphere of the Accounting Excellence Awards was even sweeter this year, as we celebrated alongside many winning firms that we partner.

Held at the Roundhouse in Camden, we first remembered the ‘soul of AccountingWeb’, John Stokdyk, who very sadly passed away earlier this year.

Onto the awards itself, and we’re proud to say that a large group of the practice winners (more than ten in total), use AdvanceTrack’s outsourcing/offshoring services.

A question we are often asked is ‘what are the traits of firms that partner with AdvanceTrack?’ Well, we’ve previously answered that question here.

Common traits between the winners

It’s worth pointing out that, like your clients, no two practices are exactly the same. However, it will make sense that those practices with strong and efficient processes will be in a great position to leverage AdvanceTrack’s offerings. And there are some other similarities.

The biggest common thread is that there is strong leadership, a clear plan and – crucially – a will to use technology to drive their practice forward.

Another similarity is an upshot of their hard work; because of their plans and organisation, these practices all have strong growth. We love helping them achieve their goals, and we’d like to help you and your firm, so please get in touch!

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Picture credit: Sift/Accounting Excellence Awards 2023