In profile: Arjun Brahmbhatt

We chat with operations director Arjun Brahmbhatt about his journey with AdvanceTrack, and how accountancy practices have come to appreciate our outsourcing values.

Current role and responsibilities

I’m director of operations here at AdvanceTrack. As the senior team member for our Indian operations my role is to manage client relationships, delivery standards and ensure that quality is maintained.

What is your background?

I joined AdvanceTrack back in 2008. It was my first assignment! I’d completed my Indian chartered accountancy qualifications and then joined AdvanceTrack directly after doing so.

When I joined, UK practice and business was new to me – I had good accounting knowledge but needed more. AdvanceTrack founder Vipul Sheth supported me in developing my accounting, bookkeeping and payroll skills – and of course we still deliver these services today.

Since then, my role has changed to become the teacher, and managing the team. Training is an ongoing process, as is reviewing work.

What is the future for you and AdvanceTrack?

At AdvanceTrack we’ve always been very particular about how we undertake our work – strong processes and with robust security.

Before Covid we would often find resistance from practices that were not so concerned about some of our ‘checks and balances’ – wanting things done quickly or in different ways.

But, as things have developed, clients now appreciate and value our way of working – Referrals are growing and we are becoming bigger. We are also a ‘pure’ outsourcer/offshorer – it is our only focus, which is not always the case in the market.

Our next step is growing the business in other regions – it is an exciting time!

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