Growth Academy

Do you want to increase the capital value of your firm?

Are you frustrated by a lack of profit improvement, or you’re challenged by team issues? Do you want your firm to be less reliant on the owners, or to adopt cloud technology faster to say competitive?

The AdvanceTrack® Growth Academy is about deep, habitual, systemic change that sets your firm up for a bright, profitable and enjoyable future. AGA is designed to help you bring about deep and lasting change for your firm – not one-off bits of inspiration.

If you want value-packed, inspiring and practical takeaways, keep reading for more information and to apply for a space!

What’s involved in the Growth Academy?

This is for 1-5 partner firms who wants profits and the capital value of their firm to increase, whilst lessening the reliance of the firm on the partners. You want:

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You’ll be held accountable with support calls and 3 visits to your office each year to review the actions you’ve committed to and to reflect on and agree your next steps.

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The academy will have a profound impact on how your people feel about the core work of your firm, increasing motivation and helping your team enjoy the work they do.

“The accountability visit has actually pushed it to another level. I think that’s really needed and a key part of the whole programme.”

– Ian Gillard, Director, Petherick & Gillard

The results you’ll see

Initially the focus is on being brilliant at the basics. This means moving away from deadline driven work priorities on annual accounts and tax return work. Once you’ve mastered that, you can expect to see:

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Increased staff retention

This means you’ll be creating a firm where the best people want to stay and more good people want to join your firm.

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Improved profits

As capacity increases, you’ll be able to produce more work without recruiting more people and drive profits even higher.

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Extra work

As production workflow frustrations diminish, you’ll have more time to invest in growing stronger relationships with clients, typically leading to an influx of extra work.

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Higher fees

As relationships with clients improve, you’ll start to develop the knowledge, skills and insights for advising your clients to earn higher fees from advisory work.

“Already (May, June, July) we’ve hit 25% of our tax returns, whereas before it was more like 5%!”

– Nick Pinfield, Owner, Pinfields Accountants

The investment required

Our experience shows that the academy is far more successful when you get both
owners and mangers involved. Your investment includes:

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£690 per month

(For 1-2 partner firms)

3 workshops (with guest speakers)

3 accountability visits

3 accountability calls

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£890 per month

(For 3-5 partner firms)

3 workshops (with guest speakers)

3 accountability visits

3 accountability calls

Join us in Watford on October 17th for a typical AGA workshop to see what’s involved. There’s no charge, and the day will be designed to deliver a payoff for your firm that, from this one event, will pay for the first year’s AGA programme.

Book onto our webinar with Paul Shrimpling to learn more about the Academy. We’ll show you how you’ll get an ROI and also the risk of not investing, and more.

Please note: AdvanceTrack® Outsourcing receives no payment for any firm being a part of the programme. We have offered this to provide additional support resources that work for AdvanceTrack® partner firms.

Join us to make deep and lasting change

If you’re interested in joining the academy, tell us what you’d like to achieve
and we’ll be in touch to review your application.

You can also join us in Watford for the free 1-day workshop
to find out more about what’s to come.

Apply for a space

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