AdvanceTrack, GDPR and your practice

AdvanceTrack has agreed with its ISO auditor (checking compliance with best practice Information Security Standard ISO 27001) the plan for compliance.

For Sheth, one of the key head-scratching moments came when considering the data received by its accountancy clients, which includes a mix of data. “When we get information from a firm of accountants, it includes personally and non-personally identifiable data… so what do you do to secure it?” he says.

Rather than try and split the information apart, AdvanceTrack will be encrypting everything in its database. “It’s the only way for us all to be satisfied; AdvanceTrack and our clients,” says Sheth.

The customers won’t notice anything, Sheth adds. AdvanceTrack has rebuilt its platform to ensure best practice data management and processing.

“We describe it as being like a jar full of cookies, which we put barbed wire around,” he says. “But get through that and the cookies won’t taste like cookies. It’s about the security around the data, but importantly also the data itself.”

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