The Accountants client satisfaction lifecycle

Below is an example of a typical workflow for a compliance service being delivered to a client, including all the questions to ask yourself in order to improve client satisfaction.

This 7 step process is a repeatable, scalable process that can only happen through robust systems and processes. If you have this process in place, when a client walks through the door, you know what has to happen when.

The more efficient and technologically enabled this process, the more painless that service is.

Once the pain has been removed from both the firm and the client, and each party knows their respective responsibilities, it is easier to have an open conversation about them and their business. The firms that have prospered are the ones that have this process nailed.


Engage with your
ideal prospects

In order to do more of the work you enjoy with the clients you want, invest time in building a trusted online presence and giving value to prospects.

Do you know who your ideal client is?
Does your brand reflect who they are and what they need?
Are you communicating the right messages to them in your marketing?


Set the stage
with onboarding

Once the client has engaged and wants you to act for them, what needs to happen? Think about how this process could be improved so you can act for the business faster.

Legalities – Will we use Practice Ignition or GoProposal.
Could we use Docusign instead of sending things in the post?
Software – What software are we going to use?
Are we going to transition clients who don’t use it already?


Improve data

Streamline the collection of financial data from clients before it goes into the accounting system. Get rid of paper and move to digital.

Are bank feeds linked so the Accounting system is showing true numbers?
Could we use Dext?
Could we use AutoEntry to process documents?


Automate your
client processes

The more efficient you make your processing, the better. Set your practice up to focus on giving value, while knowing that processing is taken care of.

How can we get all our clients set up Cloud Accounting software?
You need to be able to login in and see your clients financials
Bank feeds will be authentic, traceable, and audible.
Are we in a good position to outsource the processing, so we can focus on giving value?
To outsource your bookkeeping to AT, you’ll need the following set up: Automatic bank feed, an OCR system in place, ad a cloud accounting system in place.


Carry out regular
process checks

What checks are you doing on the data being collected? It’s important to be constantly validating the data being processed.

Do we reconcile the bank to the bank statements?
Do we check the supplier balances to supplier statements for duplicates?
Have we missed anything?


Learn from the process
checks and improve

Once you identify errors, have a system in place for dealing with them, which prevents them happening in the future. This can be at the business owner level, accountant level, or outsourcer level.

How have we dealt with errors?
What will we do to make sure those errors won’t happen again?
What challenges do we need to address and overcome?


Communicate regularly with clients 

Your clients deserve regular check-in calls and general business management. The client wants solutions and support. They don’t care who does it or how it’s done. Make sure there is a process set up whereby things don’t fall between the cracks.

How often do we meet with clients?
How are we making improvements for efficiency?
Are we communicating errors and fixes?
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"Accountants need to learn to be comfortable with knowing more than their clients but you won't know everything."

-Matt Flanagan, Appacus

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