AdvanceTrack Webinar Series 2023

Accounting for your future webinar series

When: Tuesday 4th – Thursday 6th July

Where: Online (Zoom)

Cost: Free

This year, the online webinar series is focused on
‘Accounting for your future’.

Following on from the AdvanceTrack Conference held on 9th May 2023, we will be running a 3 day online event with the sponsors from the conference.

What does the future look like for your clients? If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of adaptability. You’ve learned so much, and your use of technology has contributed to the highest level of efficiency you’ve ever had in your firm.

While the world is in recession, we must pass on these learnings. More so than ever, we need to help our clients see a future for themselves, knowing the accounting industry as a whole is there to support them.

This online event will cover every element involved in helping your clients to run more efficient and adaptable businesses, whilst making sure both you and your clients are successful financially.

If you want to grow yourself and your people and you want to see how tech can help you deliver more, then this event is for you.


JULY 4th

12:30pmLouise Wilson -Moneypenny
13:15pmJamie Eddy – Xero

JULY 5th

12:30pmBrian Coventry – Cloudcapcha
13:15pmDermot Hamblin – AdvanceTrack

JULY 6th

12:30pmVipul Sheth – AdvanceTrack
13:15pmSteven Briginshaw – Clarity


9:25amWelcome (Vipul Sheth)
9:30amPaul Shrimpling
10:15amLouise Wilson – Moneypenny
11:15amA Fireside chat with a payments provider and a partner firm
11:30amAdvanceTrack Update and plans for the future (Vipul Sheth)
11:30amAdvanceTrack Technology updates (Vipul Sheth, Ian Gregory)
12:00pmAdvanceTrack Update and plans for the future (Vipul Sheth)
13:45pmJamie Eddy – Xero
14:20pmDermot Hamblin – AdvanceTrack
15:30pmPaul Dunn
16:00pmBrian Coventry
16:20pmChair’s Summary (David Hassall)
16:30pmClosing Thanks (Vipul Sheth)
16:30pmDrinks Reception to celebrate AdvanceTrack’s 20 Years of Business
17:00pmConference ends



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