Adopting Tech

How fast is the accounting industry really adopting tech?

The accounting industry is ever-changing

If you don’t adapt, you will be replaced.

The biggest shift we’ve seen in the last 5 years is tech. It’s assisted with better communication, faster results, advanced reporting, improved efficiency, and far better planning and forecasting.

But how fast are accountants across the world really adopting it?

We’ve decided to find out!

We’d like to hear from you

Not only about your progress with tech in your accounting firm, but your team involvement and your clients’ achievements as well.

How far are you on your digital journey, how has it helped you, and what is still to come?

We’ll use the results from the survey to address gaps that are highlighted and find ways to make the move to tech easier and faster, so that it not only assists with your numbers, but improves the running of your business too.

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