Regional Firm needs 600 personal tax returns

Regional firm selects AdvanceTrack® to deliver 600 personal tax returns through busy season

This 15 partner regional practice needed to free tax staff time up.

The major problem that the firm had, like many firms was a peak of work from around September to January.

This meant that advisory work suffered delivery delays during this period.

How did AdvanceTrack’s approach appeal?

Experienced UK Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers running the business.

The secure AdvanceTrack® system enabled the client to manage the work.

So were the client’s expectations met?

Here’s some feedback:

“The jobs have been coming back this week, we’re really pleased with the quality and find the working papers very useful. Once I import the file back into CCH, all the standing data re-appears….”

On discussing the service with the client manager, they confirmed jobs were approved within 5 minutes of receiving them.


The Quality was good.

What was the impact on the business? 

The business experienced an increase in net profit by £150,000 per annum and improved service delivery.

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